High performance, reliability and safety

Arisen tyre warmers let the amateur rider to maximize tyre performances on track and guarantee the tyre will run immediately within the ideal range of temperature, improving grip and preventing premature wear.

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Arisen motorcycle tyre warmers

Arisen tyre warmers

motorcycle tyre warmers

Suitable for all, road and slick, racing tyre sizes

Developed with the same care as the competition models used in MotoGP and SBK

Long-lasting carbon fiber technology

Made in EU

Arisen tyre warmers

Carbon fiber resistors with transversal arrangement in 2 sectors for the front tyre warmer and in 3 sectors for the rear, in double TNT layer

Elastic bands that adapt to all tyre sizes from 180 to 200

One size rear tyre warmer with patented extension system from 200 to 209 cm

Temperature control with 80 ° C bimetallic thermostats, 1 ° C tolerance

Flame retardant waterproof and washable outer fabric

Polyester inner lining for a good slide on used tyres

Felt thermal insulation

Detachable power cables for easier assembly / disassembly

Red LED power indicator

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About us

Arisen was born from the passion for motorcycling and racing tracks. Our experience in the production of motorcycle tyre warmers for various brands began in 2007. Over the years our technology has been optimized to offer motorcycle enthusiasts a quality, safe and reliable product made in Europe. High quality materials, including control units and thermostats, ensure accurate temperature control in order to protect tyres from degradation and optimize energy consumption. Arisen tyre warmers have been developed to maximize ease of use, making the experience unique: with Arisen any rider can enjoy every track day with no worries.

Arisen tyre warmers
tyre warmers racing tracks
Arisen high quality tyre warmers
Tyre warmers for tracks days


I bought this tyre warmer for my cbr 1000 rr from an online dealer. The tyre heater warms up quickly and I had no problems wearing it. I definitely recommend it.


I wasn't sure which size to buy but thanks to their stretching capabilities, the warmers adapted immediately to the tyres I was fitting. I’m sure that changing slick’s brand will be no pain.


I use these motorcycle tyre warmers for my track weekend and I am very satisfied with the achieved grip.


I didn’t think that using tyre warmers for motorcycles would affect so much the experience on track. I should have thought about it earlier! Many thanks to my trusted mechanic who recommended them to me!


Tyre Warmer Technical data


Power supply: 230VAC 50Hz

Power (Watt) : 850W

IP67 – Protection Class: IP67

Temperature control: 80 ° C bimetallic thermostats

Weight: 1,70 Kg

Size: from 200 to 209 cm

Certification: CE+

Arisen tyre warmers thermography

How to

Unfold the tyre warmer and fix it to the wheel with the Velcro strap located in the initial part of the heater.

Spin the wheel to stretch the blanket over the tyre, keeping it taut and in the center of the tyre.

Block the tyre warmer by matching the female velcro on the initial part of the heater and the male velcro on the final part, near the tie rod.

Connect the power extensions to the tyre warmer using the male (on the electric blanket) and female (on the extension cord) connectors and plug in 230V.

With the red LED on, the tyre warmer is heating up; with the red LED off, the surface of the tyre has reached a temperature of 80°C.

Once the ideal running temperature has been reached, it's time to go out on track. Remove the tyre warmer by following these simple steps:
• Disconnect the power supply from the tyre warmer / extension connectors
• Unhook the tie rod using the yellow band on the sid
• Pull the tyre warmer in your direction
• Unhook the velcro and remove the tyre warmer.

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The sale of Arisen motorcycle tyre warmers takes place exclusively through online retailers.

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